Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Swamp's "healing" nears completion


You can blame this “revelation” on my two long-haired black male felines. I awoke from a deep sleep following watching television coverage of the idiot rioters taking over the U.S. Capitol, opening my eyes to see the heads of both of them hovering over my face as if they were looking to see if I was still alive.

     Thinking it was time to get up to start a new day, I arose and wondered out to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee, and then realize it was only 3:30 in the morning.

     I ended up on the easy chair in the living room and leaned the chair back, not wanting to turn on the TV to see the incessant repeat of the previous day’s events. I laid back and thought. And thought.

     Then it came to me. First, how a proud man such as Donald Trump is having trouble with losing an election, and how many people were devoted to him and his theory about Washington politics.

     I began to understand that Trump and his close friends did not realize just how big, how murky, how mushy, how corrosive and how corrupt “The Swamp” really was.

     Despite the efforts he made to turn this country toward a brighter future the past four years, The Swamp was treating it as a minor scratch wound, and fought it all the way through the four years of his administration.

     The constant smears. The false depositions, the false accusations, the extended and taxpayer-expensive investigations, the attempts at impeachment over ridiculous accusations, the smear tactics against two U.S. Supreme Court judge nominees, it all became clear to me.

     While the opposing party was acting liking 5-year-olds in a kindergarten playground fight – which publicly appeared that way – The Swamp was actually attempting to heal itself of this nick in its skin.

     As the Trump administration nears its now humiliating end, The Swamp was healing already. Not only had it crafted a winning (and I must admit not really an illegal “steal”) election by carefully switching voting procedures in many states as it began the final healing process, it forced the administration to pass a bill that even the news media promoted as an aid package for us, paying us a measly $600 while ignoring coverage of the millions and millions and millions of dollars that The Swamp was giving to nations overseas as “foreign aid.” Foreign aid that sees most of the money come back into the pockets of the corrupt pockets of The Swamp. Millions of dollars being laundered back to corrupt politicians and their cronies.

     So, the picture is about complete.

     Come January 20th, 2021, The Swamp will have completed its recovery from the “nick” it suffered four years ago, and everything will have settled down back to a routine. How perfect it will be with a President who has served in The Swamp for nearly 50 years.

     The young adult generation, which The Swamp has raised from birth and taught through The Swamp’s child care and education programs, will once again think its getting everything they want and deserve without ever working hard for it.

     And The Swamp will once again take from “the rich” -- and us everyday working folks – more of what we worked for to feed the young adults who don’t know any better.

     Donald Trump was right. Washington politicians are part of The Swamp, but The Swamp is much bigger than even he realized. Many of your local and state politicians and their close friends are part of it, too. And they’re out to run your life from everything public to he private bedroom, or should I saw “ruin” your life.

     The news media has already been sucked into the muck, turning news into propaganda by ignoring reporting of anything that would expose The Swamp.

     Who is left to stop it?


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