Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Judge getting what he deserves

On Valentine's Day, nonetheless, York County Common Pleas Judge Thomas H. Kelley VI was the recipient of a temporary protection from abuse order for allegedly assaulting a county assistant public defender Janan Tallo, with whom he was or is an intimate partner.

The alleged incident was said to have occurred on Feb. 8, and the scuffle resulted in her being treated for a broken elbow and bruises.

The alleged incident and resulting publicity throws Kelley into the public light again, this time him being the bad person.

Earlier this decade, Kelley was an assistant prosecutor for the York County District Attorney's office and became famous nationally when he pushed a murder charge against former York City Mayor Charlie Robertson, alleging Robertson had something to do with the murder of Lillie Belle Allen in the 1969 York City riots.

Fortunately, the jury saw through Kelley's charade and found Robertson not guilty. But the effort brought Kelley national attention and it destroyed Robertson's career and life ambitions.

This writer sensed back then that Kelley's actions were politically motivated to push his own agenda by creating and treading on a pile of broken lives of others. This writer actually wrote a complaint to Kelley about his actions of trying to involve the city mayor in the riot murder, and asked Kelley directly in the letter, "What office are you planning to run for?" Kelley never responded.

It wasn't long after that letter was sent to Kelley that it became clear. Kelley announced his candidacy for York County Common Pleas Judge.

We may not have to form a group to push for county voters to unseat Kelley in his retention election coming up in 2013. More publicity and more facts that may come to light may make it easy for voters to decide that Kelley can't hack it and does not deserve the judgeship.

Rest assured, though, there will be a push to unseat Kelley in 2013.

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