Monday, October 5, 2020

Biden giving doubletalk

Former Vice President Joseph P. Biden repeated a claim against President Donald J. Trump on NBC-TV's "Town Hall" program Monday, Oct. 5, which always ends up in doubletalk.

It is about the coronavirus known as Covid-19.

Biden accuses Trump of not taking responsibility for the Covid pandemic. And, we point out, Trump has specifically said he doesn't take responsibility for it.

BUT, Biden first says he would take responsibility for it and one of the first things he would do if elected president is to gather all the state and commonwealth governors to the White House and urge them to take responsibility for handling the pandemic as they should.

Well, if he's urging the governors to take responsibility, then he isn't taking responsibility.

So, while Biden is trying to make a political point to gain votes, he's actually saying it isn't his responsibility, but the governors' responsibility.

Isn't that pretty much what Trump was getting at?

And it's true. The president of the United States is not legally responsible for the handling of a pandemic. The states and their governors do.

Be careful of the doubletalk that's being put out there in an effort to create division and score votes...division that Democrats accuse Trump of creating.


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