Thursday, October 8, 2020

Biden: "Close your eyes, and..."

 I think it was at the first 2020 presidential debate where Democratic candidate Joseph Biden told viewers to close their eyes and go back to Charlotte and picture....

    Well, I closed my eyes, and my mind drifted further back, to about 6 years ago and I began envisioning what it was like then.

    I remember we as a country were in a state of sluggishness. The economy was sluggish. The police were being vilified and Barack Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, was siding with the critics.

    I remember constant arguing -- make that fighting -- going on between the various party factions of Congress and nothing much was really getting done.

    I remember the big stink about Benghazi still fresh in our minds as Hillary Clinton was running for president.

    I remember everything seemed so stagnant and somewhat hopeless. It seemed like all the politicians in Washington, regardless of party affiliation, were corrupt up to their necks.

    I remember watching on television the scenes of skids of cash being loaded onto an airplane to send to Iran and thinking "what a bribe that is."

    I remember laughing when New York developer Donald Trump came down the escalator with his wife at Trump Tower and announced he would seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States, and witnessing almost everyone laughing at first.

    I remember the initial debates among Republican office-seekers, and how Donald seemed the rebel with a cause. He talked business, not as a polished politicians like all the others.

    I remember how people started to get behind Trump basically for the same reason I became interested ... he was the rebel that could shake the hell out of the established corrupt politicians and maybe, just maybe, straighten them out and get things done and make our lives better.

    I remember when Trump coined the phrase of "draining the swamp." What a good thought that was.

    I remember how shocked I was when Trump was declared the winner on election night. I didn't think he would win but I wished he would to shake the hell out of Washington.

    My mind drifted to closer times. I remembered after Trump was sworn in how the Republicans weren't initially that close to him ... and the Democrats were really appalled. As the GOP warmed up, the Democrats kept trying different things to derail him from doing any kind of job as president.

    I remember how the general news media, which I was a member of for over 30 years, not only became divisive but actually began spinning stories against the president instead of reporting his duties. They refused to recognize him as being qualified to hold the office and consequently refused to afford respect for the office.

    I remember how obvious it was that the Democratic Party tried to force him out of office, and how they tried a coup several times in several forms to force him out of office. That went on for 3 years. It was as if a young kid threw an extraordinarily long temper tantrum because it didn't get its way.

    And most recently I remember how the information was coming to light that the coercion they were alleging against Trump actually was sourced from Hillary Clinton's committee and even included former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.

   And now, Joseph Biden is running against Trump for the next election. And Biden himself is part of a party that has leaned toward corrupt socialism and he is hardly able to control that.

    It's like the swamp creatures haven't yet been driven out of the swamp. They are in a last-gasp effort to hold onto the corrupt power structure of Washington.

    If I haven't seen it with my own eyes over the past 50-plus years, I would never believed that my country could have become as corrupt ethically and morally -- and probably legally -- as it has.

    Despite the crudeness of his methods, the roughness of a businessman instead of the smooth slimy excrement of a politician, there's no question who I am voting for this year.

    I am voting more for abolishing of the corruption of "everyday business" of Washington and getting things done for US.

    My trust in our politicians, and my trust in the news media are literally gone. I will always doubt any news report about anything until it's verified by several sources.

    That's what my colleagues have done to me.

    Journalism isn't true journalism anymore. And politics shouldn't be corrupt either.

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