Wednesday, September 30, 2020

First debate was disgusting

 What a terrible show.

    The first presidential debate for 2020 last night (Sept. 29) did little to present either candidate's visions for the future if they are elected.

    Instead, it showed how much they despised each other. While Donald J. Trump came off as being the bigger bully, Joseph P. Biden wasn't much better.

    One thing that last night's debate showed was that the presidential debate commission should control the microphones, and turn off the one for the debater not supposed to speak.

    Moderator Chris Wallace had his hands full. Wallace ask pointed questions of both candidates but spent much of his time to trying to keep one from talking over the other.

    The news media took one moment of the debate as their prime focus...when Trump seemed reluctant to tell extremist white groups to stop participating in demonstrations, and the media is running it as if Trump is for extremists. But little is said at how long it took Biden to denounce the left-wing groups' participation in riots and vandalism, what the media was calling "peaceful demonstrations."

    For people like me that love our country, it was a night of disbelief and regret that our politics has gotten so dirty, so vile, and so corrupt.

    The problem is that both sides of the political parties have gotten so far entrenched in their beliefs, I don't think they will ever get together for the good of the country overall. Because of that, our country will be suffering and weakening and I can foresee the collapse of our democracy as we know it.

    One thing I can see now is that the so-called news media of today is as corrupt and deceitful as the political parties have become. The fourth estate is no longer the estate we can trust to learn the truth, without bias or prejudice. Both bias and prejudice are now, like deadly snakes, entwined through the estate.

    I am considered conservative, although I insist I am independent. I see problems on both sides.

    I worry for us, the ordinary citizens of this country, because we are falling apart.

    One side calls me racist without every knowing what my feelings are, and I resent that. The other side thinks I am too liberal in some of my thoughts.

    For the record, I feel that the side that calls me racist IS a racist side, playing on racism to break everyone apart. As for the other side, watch out. Calling me too liberal could cost you my vote.

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