Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Accused has $20-million bail reduced to $2

Today, 3/17/15, the $20-million-dollar bail for Gregory Hess, accused of trying to put together murder-for-hire plots three times, has been reduced to just $2.  Doesn't that sound absurd?

The absurdity is that Hess has been behind bars awaiting trial for almost double the 180-day trial limit.

It's all been a series of legal maneuvers for the defense that has delayed trials.  And the final straw was another granted delay to move the trial from this month to several months later.

The obvious question that has to be asked is: What the hell has the York County District Attorney been doing?

How could the D.A.'s office not see what was coming --- or ---- what was the D.A.'s office doing that gave the defense attorney the opportunity to get more delays?

Now, we have a man accused of trying to get several people murdered out on the street. He must wear a ankle bracelet.  Big whoopee ... doe that monitor his from making simple phone calls to try to hire someone again to murder his wife's alleged love or witnesses that were to testify against him?

 The District Attorney should be held responsible for such a screw-up and we should see his office gets a shake-up so justice is served as it is supposed to be.

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