Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who's really qualified to be governor?

I had the opportunity to watch the Pa. gubernatorial candidate debate twice today, thanks to WHTM-TV and WITF-TV. And it hasn't helped me reach the decision as to who I should vote for.

Let me be crystal clear. I am a registered Republican. I am fed up with both the Republican and Democrat parties' politicians. I am, like many of you, of the opinion that, no matter what party affiliation the incumbent is, the incumbents should be thrown out. Federal, state and local levels. Period.

This country, as well as this state, is on the brink of total failure and all I see are a bunch of rats fighting among themselves to get what they can for themselves before the ship sinks. They are professional politicians. They know how to make you and I feel good while they pick our pockets and steal our children's lollipops.

Did you ever wonder what a university degree in "political science" really means. Without window-dressing it by the universities or politicians, it is years of studies on just how to hoodwink the common person. It doesn't take a university degree to see what the problems are.

Politicians are great for having the ability to say a lot about a problem and try to convince you how complicated it is. But that's all crap. They say it isn't simple. Well, Mr. Politician, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to discover that, as you peel the layers of the problem away, it always comes down to something simple and basic. And since the 1970s, we have been hoodwinked and slowly driven to the brink of total collapse, inch by inch, with the thought by earlier politicians that "let the next guy solve it."

Back to the two Pa. gubernatorial candidates, Tom Corbett and Dan Onoratto. I can tell you dozens of statements each has made that is incorrect and demonstrates their inability to recognize you and me, except when they need your vote.

Both are professional politicians. Both have stretched the truths of their records. The grey areas of their claims are too much to allow me to judge them by their actions.

Can't we throw both of them overboard and get someone who isn't politically motivated? I know, that's too much to ask. The power both political parties have, have been shored up by dividing the amount of people you can replace in one election year, so we, the public can produce a sudden upheaval for their failure to look out for the people of the state, as well as the country.

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