Sunday, May 6, 2018

This "Stormy Daniels" issue is complete BS

It is surprising to me that the politicians and news media cannot understand what the average American seems to think about the Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump story.

So, Stormy Daniels had an "event," or "relationship," or an "affair" with a porn star years ago as a businessman, not someone at the time running for or winning the office of President. 

I ask: Who the hell cares? Everyone has skeletons in their closet. That's human nature. And most people understand that.  Some, like me, believe that every human maintains a "balance" between good and not-good deeds and thoughts. Basically, there's two sides to every person. Some maintain a good control of one side over the other, but the sides are always there. 

Some bad people, villains, exhibit their bad side, while most exhibit the good. There's always a dark side as well as a bright side.


While the so-called "journalists" of today try to promote the seedy stuff to make moral and political points, their activity is as seedy and suspect as their targets. Using anonymous tips, unverified information, hearsay, and broadcasting information before it can be corroborated (usually solely to be the first agency to release the info thereby making it newsworthy as a quick source), and then presenting it with an opinionated spin makes the journalists no longer caretakers of the true journalist profession. 

A true journalist presents the proven facts of a story to the American people in an unbiased way and let the people make up their own minds as to how good or bad it is.

As for the "Stormy Daniels" story, even NBC-TV's "Meet The Press" skirted around the basic issue of that case after almost asking the question that no one is asking.

The basic question is not whether a Daniels/Trump relationship was illegal or bad, but who broke a contract?

Stormy Daniels accepted and signed an agreement not to divulge information about the "event" or "affair" by accepting $130,000. She and a new lawyer use the excuse that Trump never signed the agreement, and therefore can divulge the information.

There's the whole point. Who is wrong? She accepted the $130,000, so she should have honored her side of the agreement. It's not the fault of Trump or his attorneys that the story was divulged. 

Who knows the real reason behind Daniels' breach...was it the new attorney with a political agenda, wanting to use her to try to unseat a president? Was it her new attorney's thought that they could get more money?

Regardless of the motive(s) behind Daniels and her attorney, whether good or bad, Daniels had accepted a payment to keep quiet and she eventually did not. She's the one who should be the target of an investigation or civil suit.

But the news media and politicians continue down the path that many of us now find absolutely annoying, preventing us from focusing on what is good for the country.  It is the news media and the mostly-corrupt politicians that are tearing this country apart.

It is the Washington press and mostly-corrupt politicians that are stirring this unrest because some "outside" people have been put on their private turf by the electorate to shake things up and straighten the mess out.

It's commonly known that corruption squeals loudest when the pain of survival gets critical. So behold those squealing because their corruption is being undermined.

And that's my opinion.

Monday, April 2, 2018

$12.50/hr for life-saving job????

An open letter to York County Board of Commissioners :

I have been a lifelong resident and taxpayer of York County. I have never been associated with the 911 emergency center, nor do I have any relatives or friends who work there. But I AM, as is every other resident of York County, and as your constituent, a potential recipient of its services in one form or another, all of them for serious reasons.

After seeing and reading two weeks' worth of reports about the 911 emergency operations center, it is obvious to me as a resident and voter that the three of you have a series of very serious problems.

First is the staffing level which now appears to be only half or less of what is required to operate the center at a professional level.

Second, it appears that your 911 center's management team has reduced cooperation and trust with the staff that has reached toxic and unprofessional levels.

Third, you are paying $12.50 per hour, according to reports, to people who handle life-threatening situations every hour they are on duty. I don't know what planet you have come from to think that $12.50 an hour for this type of job is even near being reasonable.

All of it is morally reprehensible and the buck stops at your board. Don't even try to pass the blame to the management team you put in place.

The sad, very sad, part of this debacle is that you quietly cheapened and dehumanized one of the most critical services the county government should be providing us while you are spending millions in our tax dollars on pet projects that have nothing to do with the critical needs of the population. The problem has only seen the light of day because mistakes are starting to be made by personnel who are severely understaffed and forced to work long overtime hours.

To publicly show how concerned you are over this problem, you empower your media spokesman to whine that the 911 center's management is going to have to go out of its way to form another class of folks to train. How many of those people will stay on in such working conditions? One or two out of a dozen trainees?

You should be working to replace or at least smarten up your management team, go out of your way to recruit enough staff to reach the required level, and pay them a decent wage they can live on, even if it means to get the money you have to cut out your own salaries for the lack of work you do.

Come re-election time, you can count on not getting my vote (and for me helping to remind other voters of your inability to govern effectively) because we can't count on you to provide the services our taxes should be paying for.

You failed to a level that resembles a Keystone Kops comedy hour.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Water, water, water everywhere...

Those of us old enough to remember back when, in 1973, Hurricane Agnes, actually the remnants of Agnes, raced up over us in the York and Central Pa. area and hung here for three days, dropping 13 inches of rain. We remember the flooding that occurred in York City and County.
    The Codorus Creek, despite the Indian Rock Dam gates being closed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, overflowed and flooded out sections of downtown York City.  Only one bridge was above flood stage, the College Avenue bridge, because it sat up on a hill.
     A lot of York County was damaged from the flooding throughout the county.
    Now close your eyes and imagine Agnes had dropped 50 inches of rain, like Hurricane Harvey and its remnants have done in southeastern Texas. It would be devastation.
    That's what people in the Houston area and along the coast are facing.
    The bit of good news is how people, no matter their ethnicity, their politics, are working together helping each other out any way they can.
    We wish all the people affected by this historic storm in Louisiana and Texas God's speed and God's protection.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Single-payer system for health care?

I am beginning to wonder why everyone calls it "socialism" when single-payer health care is discussed as a possible solution to our health care insurance crisis.

I happen to agree with opinions made recently by Mark Cuban on a cable network news show.

Cuban basically says that the insurance companies should not be involved in the health care business. IF, the efficiencies of the federal government could be improved, it would be cheaper to administer health insurance than having the insurance companies provide it, because the insurance companies work on maintaining a 20 percent profit margin on their businesses.

Think about it. Approximately 20 percent of what we pay for health care insurance goes to the insurance companies as profit and paid out to investors, not toward our health care. 

If the government eliminated the insurance companies from the health care business, we'd be 20 percent ahead to begin with, even if the efficiency of the government was a poor as the insurance companies.

Now, being a conservative, I begin to wonder which way really will save money for us, the citizens.

If you want to call it "socialized medicine," so be it, but strip away the concept of "socialism" waste that is so often connected to it. 

Great Britain was far ahead of us when it provided health care to everyone when World War II ended. Yes, the Brits have had some problems, but pressures put to bear by the citizens seems to correct the imperfections that appear from time to time.

For far too long we have allowed private insurance companies to handle our health care expenses, and it has gotten out of control for many of us. Example... I just had a prescription drug that is pretty common and was basically inexpensive raised in cost to me by 1,152 percent. This is what comes from the freedom and collusion of insurance companies and drug manufacturers.

As a conservative, I think health care should be available through a single-payer system which excludes insurance companies and should be a right for all citizens.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Is Congress in first grade?

I find it funnier every day when I tune in or read news for the day on how politicians are acting.

Right up to the United States Congress.

Neither "side" of the debate is entirely right.  But I must admit that the Democratic machine has taken things to a whole new level --- lower.  If I didn't hear what was happening myself, I would have thought we were talking about first-graders who lost a game who began lashing out at the winning team and calling them names as well.

With this kind of childish play, I bet I know where Sen. Bob Casey is going to end up when his re-election comes up.  It will be out on the street. At this point I think that's where he should be.

When will the Democrats ... especially their big-money "bosses" --- understand that we, the voters, have had it up to our ears in dealing with this kind of effort. That's why the Democrats were voted out of the majority not only in the presidency but the House of Representatives and the Senate as well.

I certainly am not a Republican. I am a responsible conservative. There are things I do not like about the Republican party as well.

But, face the facts, Democrats.  We the people elected Donald J. Trump not because he was perfect, but because he was down to earth and understood us, not because he is undisciplined (which he is), but because your candidate was a far worse choice. We had two poor choices: Bad or badder.

You all know we were on a path of economic implosion ... and may well still be because we are too far along ... and the Dems' candidate was willing to keep us on that path.

Understand this: Neither candidate was preferred, but for a hundred reasons the majority chose to change course rather than face certain destruction.

You might want to ask yourselves this: Were your political "bosses" in their right minds in choosing Hilary Clinton to represent them?

Maybe the Democratic "machine" thought they had everyone under so much control that they could sit back and give Hilary the ability to "crack the glass ceiling" for women. Sure, it would have been an historic honor.

Toughen up, buttercups. There's a whole lot of wrongs that have to be made right.  The more you whine and whimper and try to derail those trying to set it right, the more you show your own problems that the voters despised in the first place.