Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Bernie Sanders Oversteps the Line

Democratic presidential campaign hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Monday, June 24, 2019, that he proposes a bill that would eventually pay off all student loans, paying for it by taxing Wall Street transactions.

I find a big problem with this in more ways than one.

There is ONE point Sanders made that I do agree on ... that there never should have been a Wall Street bailout during the economic crisis the big banks created back in 2007-2008.

But when Sanders started to link his proposal to the beginning of the G.I. Bill  passed in 1944, he made the grossest mistake of all in his reasoning.

How dare he compare today's students to those given college aid in the bill of 1944?  Those students were veterans, and they earned the right to those benefits for service to our country at the risk of losing their lives.

They earned the right to have their college costs paid for.  Today's students haven't earned a thing.

They didn't want student loans to pay for years later? They could enlist and serve their country and earn the right to the college aid funds afforded those who serve the country.

Sanders has just shown another exanple of his desire for turning our country from capitalism to socialism which will rip this country apart.

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Mueller investigation's over

I pretty much waited for the Mueller investigation to be over before mking my comments.

I must admit that I always felt the investigation was, in President Donald J. Trump's words, a "witch hunt," but I was awaiting the final verdict.

Of course, I am pleased with the way it ended.

But I am more surprised at how opponents -- mostly Democrats -- are taking it. First, they remind me of an elementary school kid when they're upset they didn't get their way. It doesn't matter what's right or wrong, they simply must have it go their way.

Second, they re-affirmed to me that "draining the swamp" of government corruption is causing a lot of squealing and yelling. Just like a sinking ship, the rats rushing to survive squeal loudly.

I sincerely hope that the left-wing liberalists squeal so loud that the average citizen can't stand it anymore and the group literally implodes.

It's time to move on and get this country back onto a path of recovery and excellence.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Jayme Closs news conference somewhat sad

Jayme Closs, the missing teen in Wisconsin who escaped from her captor and found help, is a beautiful, good ending to an event that claimed her parents and kept her in captivity for several weeks.
    This was a perfect ending to what could have been even more heart-wrenching. It's not the happiest ending because her parents were killed in this event.
    But what will seemed out of place was the news conference held at 11 a.m. EST today, Dec. 11, 2019. 
    The police and justice officials holding the news conference were elated at the outcome. No one could be happier.
    But the news conference opens with nearly 15 minutes of one police or justice official after another stepped up to the microphone to commend the investigative efforts of the various departments during the period the teen was missing.
    I do not understand that. Their investigative efforts were fruitless. They had no leads. They were nowhere near to locating Jayme or her kidnapper.
    I certainly call their efforts short of being outstanding.
    I understand that they were trying and that many people were combining efforts to find Jayme. For their efforts, they should be commended. But the results of their efforts were fruitless.
    But it was Jayme herself that broke the case wide open. It was Jayme's bravery and survival instincts that saved her.
    The police departments didn't find Jayme. Jayme found them.
    Even though the news conference is a joyful thing, it sure could have been handled differently into who should get the credit.
    The credit goes to Jayme.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Democrat politicians are hypocrites

It's Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, and President Donald Trump, Senate Minority "Leader" Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have made their pitches to the American people in special prime time spots on the nation's networks about the need for a "wall" or "barrier" along the southern border of the United States.
     While they accuse Trump of childish temper tantrums, I find Schumer and Pelosi, and a few other Democrats as well, acting as hypocrites. 
    Years before, Schumer, Pelosi and other Democrats voted several times for a wall along the southern border. Since Trump has been elected, they took a 170-degree turn in their stance. 
    Why? Because Trump was elected. And they try to call Trump childish?
    The walls were never built when Schumer and Pelosi voted for them. You can fool some presidents some of the time.   But you're not fooling Trump.
    That's one reason people voted Trump into office. We knew he'd shake things up and try to drain at least some of the swamp.
    And like rats on a sinking ship, the Democrats are squealing.
     No need to talk more on this. We know what the Democrats are trying to do. We've seen their organized work last year with demonstrations on streets and inside the sacred walls of Congress' hearing rooms, and the attempts to smear reputations of others they don't agree with.
    And they think Trump is juvenile?  They should look in the mirror.
    Enough said.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Be careful what TV news feeds you

Walter Cronkite was a true journalist, a real TV anchor, and editor of his nightly news broadcast. So were many others, including Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. But that's not the case anymore.
     An anchor was what the word implied: an anchor, anchored in a newsroom, sometimes in New York and other times in Washington, D.C. They relied on a network of reporters worldwide, who gathered the information, put it together for a piece of the airtime their anchor afforded to it.
     A recent promotional spot aired by NBC (recent to me, it may have been aired many times before and I just didn't see it) the network referred to Lester Holt as their “NBC Nightly News” anchor.
     That made me think about the structure of the broadcast news organizations today.
     Lester Holt is not an anchor in the true sense of the term. I would bet he isn't even the editor-in-charge of the program's content. It shows how distorted and diluted the news has become overall.
     There was a day when the news was presented through the anchor by reporters on the scene, without opinion or slant, and left up to the viewers to make up their own minds about the information they are getting.
It was a direct reflection of the guidelines of earlier newspapers: News presented “without fear or favor, bias or prejudice.”
     Now I must admit the newspapers, even the largest of them, have been constantly violating those principles over the last decade. Even if the stories presented were on facts alone without the interjected opinions, quips and odd looks by the reporters, newspapers and television have slanted their coverage by omitting and ignoring covering some stories.
     It is a sad day for dedicated journalists such as myself. Because, as a retired journalist, I see how stories or ignored, and others skewed to direct the readers/viewers opinions to a pre-determined judgment that may or may not be accurate or true.
     If you don't believe me, record a television newscast, put all the words into writing. The, strike out all the “descriptive” and opinionated words that are not actual facts and see what you have left. The half-hour broadcast would be reduce to less than 10 minutes.
     The rest is opinion terms, sometimes mostly uninformed and inaccurate predictions of what would happen next, and statements how good or bad people should feel about what happened.
     Back to the original focus of this editorial.
     Lester Holt is NOT a news anchor. He IS a corporate showboater. NBC flies him and a crew to the scene of a developing story they think will highlight point of view to be promoted later. Besides the fact that officials have to spend time and support (funded by your tax money of course) to a crew for TV coverage that could have been better spent taking care of the event, it appears to demonstrate to viewers that the network doesn't really believe their local level reporter cannot handle the coverage they are paid to do, or just plain showboating to the public to try to get higher viewer ratings which, in turn, of course, translates to getting more money for commercials.
    Either way, officials should not be cooperating in providing and supporting a “glamorus production” of a broadcast by any network. They should give reporters the facts, of course, but not assisting in a production.
     No, Lester Holt is NOT a new anchor. He IS a showboater. The true facts of the news are buried beneath the haze and sour smell of the show coating.
     If the other news “anchors” and going on scene on the other networks, then they fit into the same category.
     So, a word of advice to you: Do NOT believe everything you are hearing and seeing on the network news shows. It doesn't have the credibility of true factual news content anymore.